In Cho

Healing injured animals as a teenager, In Cho had aspirations to become a veterinarian living abroad. This goal, somehow, organically led to her present life- from a Master of Architecture at Columbia to being a licensed architect in NY, NJ and Connecticut and a Certified Passive House Designer. In Cho’s strong desire to connect all ways of life has informed her decades of architectural design in a wide range of project types, including urban planning, high-rise curtain wall design, renovations for commercial and residential buildings, and new building construction. In Cho practices architecture while always thinking of the diverse ways we experience space: from the ergonomics of the individual to the dynamics of a whole community. Considering all builds healthy and poetic connections, a cultural fabric that is socially transformative, ecologically productive, and inspiringly beautiful. 


Timothy Shields

Timothy Shields is a renaissance individual who has over 35 years of construction and architectural experience.  He integrates sculpture, science, poetry, natural history, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and structural knowledge into his pursuit of the well-made building.  Timothy studied engineering at Cooper Union and has a degree in Fine Arts from Hunter College. He established a reputation for outstanding results in New York City high-end residential and commercial renovations. With his wide-ranging background, Timothy brings his technical and creative expertise to every aspect of our architectural practice, working closely with our clients and contractors, inventing sculpture functions, and providing specialized consultation within the building community.  Through his vast experience, inventiveness, and compassion, Timothy has cultivated a gift as an educator which continues to help others, both in architecture and in all facets of life.

Tim and In are simply the BEST! Always available, always patient and always....RIGHT! It was a privilege to renovate with ChoShields and I am certain we will remain in touch until our next project when... they will be our first call!
— Jennifer Shannon



Ethan Pomerance

Coming from a family of architects and environmentalists Ethan has always had a deep concern for the nexus of the natural and built environment. As an Associate at ChoShields he is thrilled to be able to integrate these two passions in practice- through passive house and land based social enterprise. 



Lucy Bekheet

With many talents,, fine food, interior design, and with a background in electrical engineering, Lucy’s versatility provides a unique skill set that contributes greatly to our work at ChoShields Studio.


Maureen Shea  

With background in both art and architecture, and with a deep social and environmental awareness, Maureen has been applying her diverse knowledge to energy efficient design and the world of Passive House at ChoShields Studio. With her desire to innovate, Maureen develops ideas that are always fresh, thorough and resilient.