ChoShields is engaging in land based social enterprise. We are currently researching how to initiate an ecology of cooperative businesses that catalyze progress in the regional food, energy, and transportation networks.

Our goal is to help people and planet move towards a sustainable and equitable cultural economy. 


Our diagram of how sustainable community and regional development may be facilitated through a land based enterprise.


Arrowhead Farm, Kerhonkson NY

Goat Creamery



Sugar Cabin


Small Grains Field Day

The Small Grains Field Day that we attended about the emerging market for grain produced in New York State and efforts made to reestablish local grain production.

Vermont Compost

Vermont Compost with founder Karl Hammer. Karl is a fountain of soil and world systems knowledge. Take a ride with Karl on this Farmer-to-Farmer podcast.

Essex Farm

Essex Farm, one of the first full-diet CSA’s in the country. Sign up for a free one week trial of their all-you-can-eat CSA door-to-door delivery!

Coppersea Distilling

Coppersea Distilling, an enterprise using locally sourced grain. 

Glynwood Farms

Glynwood Farms where we discussed a variety of programming from farmer training to regional food programs like the Cider Project

Intervale Center

CSA pick up at the Intervale Community Farm. We spent some time with Will Raap and Travis Marcotte discussing how the Intervale’s Food Hub and Farm Incubation programs have helped catalyze Burlington and Vermont’s strong local food economy. 

Zero Gravity Brewery

Canning operations at Zero Gravity Brewery in Burlington. 

McNeil Generating Station


The McNeil Generating Station which is powered by sustainably harvested wood chips brought in by rail car.  Located in Vermont the power station is one element of an ecology of enterprises making Burlington a model for sustainable develoment. 

South Village

A housing development, CSA farm, and preserved open space coexist at South Village, an “agrihood” in South Burlington, VT.