ChoShields offers an extraordinary combination of technical expertise, creative vision, and personal charm. In and Tim guided us through a gut renovation of our Upper West Side apartment that resulted in a space that has inspired, soothed, and invigorated us continually for over six years now. They really care about what they do, and it shows in the extremely high quality of their work. They are also a true pleasure to spend time with. Since the renovation, we have counted them among our good friends.

We recommend ChoShields with unrestrained enthusiasm!
— Brandt Johnson and Ellen Jovin, The Ansonia 2109 Broadway, New York City

Combine the historical landmark beauty of the Ansonia with contemporary features, guided by our clients' goal for the conversion of a one bedroom apartment into two bedroom living with multi-functional areas and elements.  LED lighting throughout when this technology was still nascent in order to support this energy efficient option, including a custom LED light fixture / pull up bar.

Contractor: Polteam Renovation