We are a Certified Passive House Design studio, whose work encompasses the full range of project scales from interiors to community development with a strong focus in integrating research and application of sustainable materials and systems to ensure a balance between the natural and the built environment. We provide complete architectural services from initial planning and design through to construction administration and project completion. We offer extensive architectural and technical expertise, with an exceptional design that embraces thinking outside the box to produce creative solutions that function beautifully.  We participate actively with clients and all the supporting team of engineering consultants, approvals agencies, designers, artists, and builders.  Through our strong appreciation of teamwork and with decades of design & construction experience, we are able to have sensitive buildable plans and effective communication with all parties involved for successful project fruition.

Our studio is known for listening to their clients’ requirements and interpreting them to ensure that the vision of each project is brought to life. Our joy of creation stems from having a reciprocal education between what architecture is capable of and how the clients’ requirement would enrich the whole process of creativity.  By working closely together with our clients and understanding their needs and desires, we translate these requirements into well-functioning and beautiful spaces that resonate into a poetics of place that would endure for the long term future.

Tim and In are simply the BEST! Always available, always patient and always....RIGHT! It was a privilege to renovate with ChoShields and I am certain we will remain in touch until our next project when... they will be our first call!
— Jennifer Shannon


In Cho is an obsessive architect, who as a teenager, playing with wood, metal, dirt and paper while healing injured animals had aspirations to become a veterinarian-foreign language interpreter.  Living abroad for this goal organically led her to the present day of being a licensed architect in NY, NJ and Connecticut, with a Masters of Architecture degree from Columbia University. Her unrelenting desire to connect all ways of life has led to decades of architectural design experience that involved a wide range of project types, including urban planning, curtain wall design for high rises, renovations for commercial and residential buildings, and new building construction. In Cho practices architecture with a passion for diversity of how we experience all forms of spaces from our interaction with a piece of furniture to how we experience spaces in larger community context, both socially and environmentally - thus, the making of strong healthy connections between people and their built environment, conscious of architecture’s influence on the individual and on the community as a whole.


Timothy Shields is a renaissance individual who has over 30 years of construction and construction management experience with creative outlets in various forms of sculpture, poetry and in the passion of knowledge.   He studied engineering at Cooper Union and has a degree in Fine Arts from Hunter College. He established a reputation for high performance and outstanding results in New York City high-end residential and commercial renovations. With his background in sculpture, engineering and construction, Tim brings his technical and creative expertise in inventing functional sculptures, providing specialized consultation to owners, to fellow architects and contractors, and most importantly, nothing makes his day better than taking great care to exceed the satisfaction of our clients for each project carried out by ChoShields Studio.